Quien quiere cambiar las cosas, busca la manera. Quien no, busca la excusa.


Nella. La canción más bonita que he escuchado este año.

Esta es una canción impresionante, me emociona cada vez que la oigo.

When you call,

Out of your mind,

i'm scared to pick the phone,

And answer to you now.

I know what,

You take to fly,

How it often runs,

Into your tired naked arms.

You've got everything,

They didn't care.

The less you are with them,

The more you dig your cave.

And i raised my hands,

When you fell,

Thought you'd have take it then,

But here i wait.

Nella, take my hands,

Feel me in your veins.

I made a pact to myself,

To help you get through your pain !

Hold on my friend...

Soon they realized,

How far you left.

My child she cried,

Bent over your bed!

Aquí y ahora, Nella de la banda estadounidense Tin Soldier.

Un abrazo.

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